Wedding Cultures in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a state rich with engaging cultures. The bridal can be very funny, moving, and completely different from the traditional northern meeting. I had the honor of witnessing a few of them while filming ceremonies in Bulgaria.

One of the most distinctive bridal customs in Bulgaria is known as the "gelina." It's where the man goes and steals his wedding from her relatives property, taking her to his own home. It's thought that this ceremony may defend against bad mood and bring fine riches for the brides.

The couple will typically attend a large reception in a restaurant or other venue following the ceremony ( or both ). Their mothers did exchange small pieces of the standard spherical bread dipped in salt and honey before going inside. The second bit is salty to inform them of the troubles their matrimony will present, and the second is sweet, which serves as a reminder of the sweetness that will also be present in their life together.

The "kumove," two people who are the couple's most significant companions and coaches, are another crucial component of the bridal, acting as their relatives and instructors. They will guide them in their upcoming lives jointly and guide them through the challenging times.

When the welcome begins it's moment for a lot of dance. The dance begins with the best gentleman and greatest female. The bride and groom dance a few times, which is customary, to get their very sweet wedding bulgarian bride pie.

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